Virtualand is an Open-world programmable 3D Metaverse, When talking about open-world spaces , Minecraft always comes to mind. Within Minecraft, the players can create a customized 3D world. Moreover, it includes robust and powerful backend interfaces, which enables the users to run their own game or run in that world. More significantly, the Bring Your Own Device concept is introduced to the game. You can buy your own compute resources as a creator, or a Minecraft server and implement your Minecraft-based mini- game.

The 3D open-world blockchain-based platforms are mostly inspired by Minecraft. Moreover, several well-run products have been already observed. These products have partially focused on game creation and gaming. While other parts have concentrated on showcasing assets (NFT) and 3D social networking. Moreover, a thin layer of 3D visualization is occasionally offered while the community is allowed to add further extensions to supplement their ecosystems. Though, the same customization was not demonstrated in any present blockchain-based open worlds and user experiences the level as Minecraft. In other words, a Turing complete world capable of creating infinite possibilities was provided by no present blockchain-based 3D open worlds. A 3D world entirely built on assets is not a real living Metaverse, however, the community should be enriched by a novel revolution.

Virtualand by mixing polygon and Ethereum blockchain and tools, creating first  blockchain based alive metaverse.
By introduction of the concept of programmable objects, known as Virtualand tech Objects, Virtualand metaverse breathe life into objects to implement on a canonical virtual machine known as the Virtualand manager machine (VMM). The track of a group of Virtualand Objects in one or more Lands is kept by the VMM and each object's attributes, appearance, and lifecycle are managed. Custom functionalities can be defined by the users for customizing these Virtualand Objects’ behavior. Authorized creators can simply program their Virtualand Objects’ actions and make complicated 3D applications utilizing the Virtualand Object and Scene Editor and integrating multiple programmed/scripted Virtualand Objects which can interact with each other then. Hierarchical objects are enabled by the ideal VMM for jointly operation based on the predefined scripted operations. The number of objects and the complexity of application logic are dedicated by the requested VMM CPU and memory capacity.  
Moreover, a Virtualand Network can be formed by connecting multiple VMM. Simultaneously, each VMM operates a Scene on a Big Space or single Land providing different properties on the same game server. Creators may make 3D applications on a single VMM and also cross-VMM for multiscene applications.
As formerly defined, Virtualand tech is a Turing complete metaverse where each object can be planned as a living entity. Moreover, we provide tools and services for the developers and creators to help them produce DApps and Scenes. Thousands of 3D applications will simultaneously operate in the form of completely programmable objects, which can be decentralized. In this way, apps are integrated by Virtualand tech into the actual metaverse.

By the programming language and development team tooling, the users can establish immersive 3D applications. Creators can define 3D objects' shapes, create lighting, attach materials and textures, add transformation functions, make payments, attach scripted behaviors, and invoke external services. The players can check details such as textures by going into the 3D NFT buildings. They can bring the NFT home, end purchasing in the immersive marketplace without external links, and utilize an auto construction code pack to observe the NFT building auto-build on their Lands.

Users are allowed to directly import 2D images, videos, 3D models, audios, as well as other multimedia NFTs into the 3D world with convenient functions.
The imported NFT will be converted into a Virtualand Object with an original appearance (for example, a 2D image is changed into a 3D picture with a frame). Creators can program the loaded NFTs to make them more functional since all the NFTs are imported into Virtual and become Virtualand object. game makers can make playable characters for a mini-game utilizing Loot NFTs and creating a mini-game through these characters. In contrast, when the creator is an artist knowing about programming, by applying a dynamic animating filter so static image can change into an animation.
Virtualand intends to release a combination of tools enabling anyone to make 3D objects in the Virtualand. A 3D model's geometry, material, lighting, and shaders are altered by the first tool as a cloud-based What You See Is What You Get model editor.

Metaverse is a global network in the form of continuous 3D simulations that are processed instantaneously.
In this network, the identities of people, objects, real estate, avatars and even names are transferable; These transactions are made with the help of digital currencies.

In this network, payment systems maintain their continuity and at the same time accommodate a large number of real people as virtual identities.

Entering the real world arena in the direction of the development of new technologies, the unique Metaverse network has forced many big famous companies in the world to step into this field.

Virtualand is one of the first to enter this field with clear goals and years of experience in the blockchain industry.

Similar to the real world, Virtualand provides users with business and commerce, science, various entertainment and everything that might happen in the real world daily.

Virtualand has started its activity with clear and far-sighted goals as follows:

The first part of this project is the sale of a limited number of fields from a large project, which is done in the form of NFT.
To guarantee the return on investment to investors and to witness the significant progress of the project for investment, and with the aim of comfort and development of landowners, Virtualland has started to build a complex in 3D and will update to VR system. Therefore, the required business and space and everything that the owners of Virtualand need will be provided for them.

They can also expand their business to become an active part of this powerful network. In addition to buying and selling real estate, homeowners can start building their plans and projects and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to earn money and even have fun.

Virtualand aims to build a very strong virtual world in this global network and create encouragement for all landowners of Virtualand and has also dedicated a number of its lands as a gift to large companies such as Binance, CMC, Coinbase, Tesla, Apple and Xbox.

The purpose of creating these platforms is for large companies to spark a revolution in the VR industry by implementing their innovations in a public platform. Certainly, the presence of all of them in one virtual platform can induce big changes. In addition to these parts reserved for the said companies, two other separate parts are considered:

The first blockchain-based world fashion show where costume designers show their designs in NFT and participate in the first Virtualand World Fashion Show ‌.

The second part of the project, called Citizen Land, is to build a place similar to our planet where users can buy parts of this virtual space and fulfil their dreams in the virtual cities of this platform. To help expand the project, several pieces of land is considered for big brand stores like Adidas, Nike and other major brands.

The second part of the project is based on Polygon. This part is inspired by the original human desire to live on other planets. Life on Mars!

Now the question is: "Why Mars and why Polygon platform?"

Mars is the only planet in the solar system where research has shown to be a potential for the life and activity of living things.

Many entrepreneurs and big business owners have come up with plans to migrate to Mars or exploit Mars's mineral resources, But most of these ideas have remained crude due to the specific conditions of Mars.
The only currently available plan is Tesla's SpaceX mission to Mars. In this plan, solutions have been proposed according to the environmental requirements of living on Mars; For example, the creation of life capsules on Mars for early migrants, the cultivation of plants in Martian space and to convert CO2 in Mars to oxygen, the creation of water vapour cycle devices to increase the concentration of the Martian atmosphere that work with solar energy, as well as several other projects which their implementation will change the atmosphere of Mars.
With the implementation of these plans, it will be possible to be able to live outside the life capsules; After that, a normal environment can be created for human life.
By simulating this situation on the land of Marsland, Virtualand has tried to take the monopoly of ideation out of the hands of certain people and to enable the implementation of new ideas and the experience of life on Mars for all those active in the NFT platform and the world of cryptocurrency.

Now why a Polygon platform?

In its second layer, Polygon provides the connection between its substrate and the Ethereum blockchain.
By choosing polygon as the platform for the Mars project, an attempt is made to maintain a blockchain connection between the two parts of the project so that even in the virtual world, human connection with the motherland, which is Earth, is not cut off.

The main goal of the second phase of the Virtualand project is to create a new world for all ambitious and intellectual people, to break the monopoly of being in the spotlight by a few.

As an innovator, entrepreneur, and believer in the advancement of new technologies, Virtualand has created the conditions for its landowners to implement their ideas and expose them to the world, as well as reward them with the benefits of the new economic ecosystem of the virtual world.

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