Virtualand Metaverse launched

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Virtualand Metaverse Platform launched:

Virtualand Metaverse is a decentralized platform based on Ethereum and Polygon cryptocurrency networks.
Providing a decentralized, programmable, and 3D space by Virtualand enables virtual games, events, and businesses to run in a secure environment. Planning to utilize a VR system in Virtualand is a breakthrough in terms of a transition from real-world to virtual businesses.
Virtualand Metaverse is a multi-network Metaverse trying to donate some of its lands to great tech companies with their logos on the map, in the meanwhile, we hope that there will be a suitable condition for utilizing their management experience and innovation for the Virtualand project. In the Virtualand project, there are two lands on the Ethereum platform for the CitizenLand project to create a virtual city using geographical locations in the real world.
The decentralized platform of Virtualand in its Polygon section has created the environmental conditions of Mars in the virtual world so that innovators can simulate the real environment of Mars in the virtual world.